Change the Power of Choice

Bearing a streamlined body, exquisite interiors, and an energy-efficient engine, the Alsvin allows you to exceed your everyday expectations.

Key Specs


Butterfly Wing Radiator Grille

Face the world confidently with Changan's signature grille design.

Projector Headlamps

Lead the way with modern headlamps that offer more controlled light dispersal and visibility in dark conditions versus multi-reflector ones.


7” Touchscreen Audio Display

Packed with connectivity and convenience features such as the AM/FM radio, the power to play music and videos as well as the capability to perform calls wirelessly via Bluetooth, you’ll never fear that you’re missing out.


Premium Leather Seats (Platinum Variant Only)

Practicality meets premium with the plush leather seats that are designed to make long journeys comfortable for your passengers.


Sunroof (Platinum Variant Only)

Enjoy the privilege of feeling light and breezy, thanks to the sun roof which also acts as an additional air vent for the driver and front passenger.


Daytime Running Lights (DRL) (Platinum Variant Only)

Your daily journeys are enhanced even further by the strong LED DRLs that can prevent collisions and offer better visibility.


Dual Front Airbags

Stay confident as you drive with the dual front airbags that are made to deploy automatically when the vehicle detects frontal collision, thus preventing injuries.

Electronic Stability Program (DCT Variants Only)

To counter loss of directional control and help maintain vehicle stability, the Alsvin’s ESP can detect skidding and apply the brakes to individual wheels when needed.


Blind Spot Camera (Right-hand only) (Platinum Variant Only)

Right blind spot image is a parking aid that displays the image of the traffic condition on the right side of the vehicle. Right blind spot image can reduce the blind area of the right side of the field greatly, and improve the passability in narrow roads and narrow lanes.


Reverse Camera

Your rear visibility is enhanced once your shift lever is placed in “R” for the Reverse Camera, which makes reverse parking easy for drivers.


Hill Hold Control (DCT Variants Only)

When going uphill, the Hill Hold Control lets you apply the brakes for around two seconds, allowing you to seamlessly and safely change from brake pedal to accelerator.


"Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The tire pressure monitoring system monitors the tire pressure and temperature of the four tires while driving. This will issue a warning sign when the tire pressure and temperature are abnormal or out of the desired range.



1.4L and 1.5L Gasoline Engines

Highly efficient, stable and reliable engine that reduces exhaust emission and fuel consumption effectively

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Provides you the freedom to shift gears and effectively control your desired vehicle speed and power

5-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (Wet Type)

Combines the convenience of an automatic with the sportiness of a manual as it provides fast shifting & excellent fuel efficiency