CS35 Plus

Lead Freely, Live Freely.

Refreshingly unique with its uplifting subcompact crossover style, the CS35 Plus ushers in spirited mobility to excite your daily drive.

Key Specs


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Safely cruise down wide, open roads with confidence by setting your desired speed.  When activated, the ACC adjusts and decreases speed if the vehicle in front slows down.  Conveniently activate or cancel this function with the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) + Front Collision Warning (FCW)

AEB assists by complementing the driver’s brake force application in case of emergency situations. If the vehicle detects impending collision with a vehicle in front, FCW aids the AEB by providing both visual and audible alerts to instruct the driver to apply stronger braking force.

Around View Camera and Monitor

Four high-definition cameras around the new CS35 Plus help to monitor your surroundings in real time, giving you a full view of the vehicle via the touchscreen display to assist you when maneuvering the vehicle as you park.

Advanced 6-Airbag System

Providing further protection in the event of a collision, airbags strategically placed near the driver and front passenger, and air curtains at the front and rear, are deployed to help lessen injury to occupants upon impact.

Smart Window System

An anti-pinch function applied on all four windows helps to lessen injury when it detects an obstruction that prevents the windows from closing completely.


Attach a child safety seat securely, so your toddler can sit comfortably and safely during the trip.


* This may be compatible with most but not specifically all child safety seats.  Owner’s discretion is advised.


Powerful Face

The front design immediately strikes a powerful persona with its unique obsidian rock formation-inspired grille pattern.

Brilliant Light Design

Be dazzling on the road with an aircraft-inspired light design that’s lit in providing you brilliant visibility at the front and rear.

Power Tailgate*

Open the tailgate via remote access through the key fob. Cargo door automatically opens for fuss-free convenience.


* For Luxe variant only.

10" Touch Display

Stay connected with a wide touchscreen display with smartphone* mirroring, allowing you to access your device to make and receive calls, access messages, photos, videos, phone directory, and maps.


* Check smartphone compatibility before using this feature.

Deep Sea Silence Technology

Bask in the tranquil cabin space of the new CS35 Plus.  Changan applied more than 50 noise dampeners in 20 strategic cabin areas alongside the thickened glass on the front and side windows to effectively isolate and absorb exterior noise for a quieter ride experience.

Wireless Charging

Conveniently juice up your smartphone* on the wireless charging pad, so you can stay in contact even during long trips.


* Check smartphone compatibility before using this feature.


1.4L Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDi) Engine

Powerful and reliable, this TGDi engine sprays highly pressurized and atomized fuel particles, and delivers more air intake for powerful combustion. This results in robust power and torque output, while keeping fuel consumption efficient.

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Applied with wet dual clutch technology, this transmission system affords you smoother gearshifts, faster response, and better fuel efficiency to deliver sufficient acceleration.  It’s also equipped with Sport Mode for a spirited drive.