Change the Current

With outstanding product quality and market reputation backed up by the 2018 China Green Car of the Year Award, its advancements in fast charging technology for clean mobility and the innovative single pedal mode is now within reach.

* Available via indent order.

Key Specs


17” Alloy Wheels

Compared to steel wheels, alloy ones offer better rider comfort and performance because they are lighter; and since alloy is malleable, these come in multiple designs for you to choose from.


Leather Seats

Plush leather seats exude a premium vibe and are comfortable for long journeys.


Engine Push Start/Stop Button

Activate the engine with a push of a button which seamlessly fits in with the air conditioning controls on the dashboard, making for a clean and sleek layout.


Electronic Parking Brake

Unlike the usual mechanical hand and foot brakes, the EPB is engaged electronically with just the touch of a button.