All-new UNI-T

Uniting technology and lifestyle.

Unlearn what you know about crossovers. 

Key Specs


360° View camera with drive recorder

Equipped with 4 high-definition wide-angle cameras, the system not only displays the environment around the vehicle in real time, but also record high-definition images of four directions at the same time. In the event of sudden braking or collision, the system can automatically record 30 seconds of video that can be used as evidence to determine who has responsibility of the incident.

Self-Parking and Remote Valet Parking

The vehicle can perform horizontal parking, vertical and diagonal parking, find a parking space within 20m, enter the parking space and complete the entire parking process automatically. The car owner can also use the smart key from outside the vehicle to carry out one-key remote valet parking.

Sony premium speakers

Surround yourself in music and enjoy its immersive melodic quality with Sony premium audio system with 6-speaker configuration that bring out the crisp, clear sound of your playlist. The system uses two unique sound effects technologies of Clear Phase™ and Live Acoustics, to give clarity and infinite possibilities of sound. 

Auto aircon with PM2.5 Air Filtration System

Cool the cabin automatically and keep it clean at the same time, thanks to Uni-T’s ionizer and PM2.5 air filtration system that can trap particles up to 2.5 microns in size, thus efficiently filtering out dust and harmful bacteria or viruses.

Wireless Charging

15W wireless charging with Qi V1.2.3 communication protocol; ultra-fast charging with wide-range compatibility.

Voice Control

No need to fumble over several buttons when activating the aircon, opening or closing windows or sunshade, or making or receiving calls. You can also turn on the audio system, change radio station or playlist, and raise or lower volume.  Just press the voice control button on the steering wheel and command Uni-K to do any of these for you.

Automatic Parking Assist (APA) 5.0 Parking System

Parking is a cinch in the Uni-T.  Just correctly position your vehicle near a parking spot with clear lane markings, turn on the auto parking system, and the vehicle will automatically maneuver in a parking space within 20 meters and complete the parking on its own, translating to more convenience for you. 

Extra-large Panoramic Glassroof with Sunshade

The panoramic sunroof is 79%  of sky view. The glass can effectively filter 97% of ultraviolet rays which protects the passengers and maintains a comfortable temperature at all times.

V-shape Spoiler

The original V-shape spoiler is one of UNI-T’s iconic designs. Inspired by the swept-back wing design in aerodynamics, it can effectively direct airflow and enhance body stability at high speeds.

Hidden Front Door Handles

Uni-T’s profile is made more streamlined with its doors hidden from view.  When you’re near vehicle with key on hand, the door handles automatically pop out and retract when you close them, which add even more elegance to your experience of this premium compact crossover.         


Borderless Grille

Replacing traditional pattern of grille by using parametric design with 150 diamond-shaped elements, creates a unique image of infinite and continuous integration as if the force of gravitation.

Exhaust Pipe Design

Quad exhaust pipe shows a strong visual impact of masculinity with a sense of technology.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) System

Sensors strategically placed at the rear detect oncoming traffic when you’re backing up, which trigger visual and audio alerts, so you can step on the brake to prevent rear collision.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Roll-Over Mitigation (ROM)

The ESP works in tandem with ROM to keep the vehicle steady by effectively sensing potential roll-over incident and applying appropriate action by adjusting steering and suspension in such a position that the vehicle remains stable on the road, as well as generating the required brake force on individual wheels.

Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

 The LKA helps the vehicle detect lane markers*, and when it senses that you’re falling below minimum distance from the left or right side markings and you’re not using the turn signal, the system gently but noticeably counter steers to keep the vehicle in lane.  This also sets off an alarm if your hand leaves the steering wheel for over 35 seconds and the vehicle suddenly changes lane.

*The LKA can only detect lane markings with visible paint stripes on either side of the road where the vehicle is running; curb markings cannot be detected.

Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC) with Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

Uni-T’s IACC is equipped with Stop and Go function that lets your vehicle run safely according to the speed you set, and automatically slows down and stops if the vehicle in front also stops, and moves again if the vehicle in front accelerates or changes lane.  Working in tandem with the TJA, you’ll be able to follow the vehicle in front safely and stay in your lane when traffic’s heavy.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Warning light, audible alert, and steering wheel vibration will be activated by the LDW if it senses that you’re changing lanes without using the turning light.


1.5-liter Blue Core Turbocharged Gasoline Direct injection (TGDi) Engine

A breathtaking ride awaits when you take the Uni-T for a spin, thanks to its compact Blue Core TGDi engine that’s both exciting yet economical in performance, as it’s able to generate the power and responsiveness you want even at low rpm, while keeping consumption reasonably efficient.

Max power:  179.5ps

Max torque:  300Nm

7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) Electronic Shift with Drive Modes (Normal, Eco, Sport)

Enjoy a smooth acceleration experience in the Uni-T with its advanced transmission system that delivers remarkable shifting accuracy, while affording you more flexibility with three driving modes to suit your style.


Blue Core powertrain launched in 2011 is the latest innovation achievement developed by Changan Automobile.

Blue Core has three key characteristics of providing powerful, clean and quiet driving experience.

It also provides powertrain technologies and products with 'Energy Saving and Environment Protection'. The brand covers a number of powertrain technologies, such as TEi, i-GDI and D-VVT optimized for auto, manual and dual clutch transmissions.

The optimized internal combustion system in the powertrain is capable of reducing fuel consumption by 20% and carbon emission by 40% without compromising the overall performance of the vehicle.

It has managed to achieve high standards in carbon emission, acceleration performance and noise vibration & harshness requirements.

Lastly, it can also be applicable to most hybrid system, plug-in and fuel cell vehicles.