2021 Changan CS35 Plus

Change to the New You.

Dubbed worldwide as Changan’s “interactive and social SUV,” the CS35 Plus is equipped to let you stay connected to your sense of style and adventure.

Key Specs



18" Alloy Wheels

Compared to steel wheels, these 18" alloy wheels offer better rider comfort and performance due to their lighter weight.

Panoramic Sunroof

Allows more sunlight to enter the cabin, and promotes a feeling of airiness for the driver and passengers. The sunroof glass can be opened completely, and act as an additional vent for fresh air.

Spoiler with LED HMSL

The sporty rear spoiler houses an LED High Mount Stop Lamp which lights up upon braking for significant on-road visibility.

10" Touchscreen with Bluetooth & USB Connectivity

Packed with connectivity and convenience features such as the AM/FM radio, the power to play music and videos as well as the capability to perform calls wirelessly via Bluetooth, you'll never fear that you're missing out.

Leather Seats

The plush leather seats of the CS35 Plus were designed to exude a premium vibe inside the cabin, allowing you to indulge comfortably during long journeys.

Auto Climate Control with lonizer & N95 Grade Filter

Once the engine is turned on, the air conditioning will automatically blow clean air, and will be set to a temperature suited to the cabin.


Six Airbags

Stay confident with the dual front, side and curtain airbag system of the CS35 Plus. This passive safety feature activates upon frontal or side collision to lessen passenger injury.

Electronic Stability Control

To counter loss of directional control and help maintain vehicle stability, the ESC of the CS35 Plus can detect skidding and apply brakes to individual wheels when needed.

Blind Spot Camera (Right-hand only)

The camera mounted onto the right side mirror projects the “blind spot” so the driver can see it through the 10” Touchscreen. This aids in tight maneuvers especially in parking spaces or curbs.

Reverse Camera

A visual parking assist tool that uses a camera installed at the tail-end of the vehicle to capture views behind the car, superimposed with parking aid lines. The images are displayed in the In-call screen.

Hill Hold Control

Automatically applies brakes for around 2 seconds in up-hill conditions to allow the driver to easily change from brake pedal to accelerator for a safe launch

Reverse Parking Sensors

Reversing warning is an electronic parking assist system with ultrasonic sensors. It uses sensors to detect the situation around the vehicle and sounds off to inform the driver of the distance between the vehicle and the objects detected.


1.4L Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (T-GDi)

The 1.4L TGDi engine sprays highly pressurized and atomized fuel particles, and more air intake for more efficient combustion, resulting in increased power and torque output while lessening fuel consumption

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Combines the convenience of an automatic with the sportiness of a manual as it provides fast shifting & excellent fuel efficiency