September 28, 2021

Changan CS35 Plus Showcases Fuel Efficiency Rating Witnessed by the AAP

Following the impressive fuel economy results of Alsvin, Changan Philippines also takes pride in the outstanding fuel efficiency records of the CS35 Plus, its subcompact SUV that levels up everyday adventures with energy-saving engine and features.

During a fuel economy run conducted by Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI) and the Automobile Association of the Philippines (APP) on July 20 and 22, 2021, the 1.4L 7-speed DCT variant of the CS35 Plus yielded a fuel consumption of 21.432 km/L for highway test driving after it traveled 180.652 kilometers at a speed range of 60-85 kph.

The said highway test run traversed Shell Balagtas NLEX Northbound to SCTEX Tarlac Terminus, going to Shell of Asia Bulacan, passing through NLEX, to Clark Spur Road, SCTEX, and back.

Changan and AAP also tested the CS35 Plus fuel efficiency for city driving conditions on August 10, 2021, and the 1.4L 7-speed DCT variant generated 13.548 km/L as fuel efficiency output for city driving conditions. It ran for 90.8 kilometers, traversing Makati, Pasay City, Manila, and Quezon City, and back. What makes this result even more notable is Changan utilized its endurance test unit which had already logged 107k kilometers in its odometer prior to the fuel economy run. 

Both the highway and city test runs for the CS35 Plus were done under realistic driving conditions with the following parameters set: the vehicles used were fueled to the brim; all OEM equipment present; tire pressures set at OEM specifications; air conditioning set to medium cool thermostat setting; radio either not used, on low volume, or on mute; with two passengers and no extra baggage; and complying with speed limits and traffic regulations.

The CS35 Plus boasts an extensive set of interior and exterior specifications and features making it an ideal adventure companion. Its 1.4L Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (T-GDi) engine is designed for more air intake, providing a more efficient combustion, resulting in increased power and torque output while lessening fuel consumption. This is complemented by the CS35 Plus's 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for fast shifting and excellent fuel efficiency achieved through the convenience of an automatic vehicle with the sportiness of a manual car.

With Lasting Safety as the blueprint of Changan, the CS35 Plus doesn’t fall short on safety features, top-billed by its innovative functions including the Electronic Stability Control, Blind Spot Camera, Reverse Camera, Hill Hold Control, and Reverse Parking Sensors, to name a few.

Discover more about Changan Philippines' powerhouse vehicle offerings by following @ChanganPhil on Facebook. Stay tuned as Changan Philippines will be revealing the fuel economy results of the CS75 Plus in the coming weeks.


Disclaimer: The fuel efficiency ratings provided above are solely based on AAP fuel economy runs on the CS35 Plus, and specific driving and other conditions encountered by the AAP on the said fuel runs. Actual fuel efficiency ratings of CS35 Plus units purchased may vary based on driving conditions, driving style, and other factors.

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