March 8, 2022

The New CS35 Plus: 5 Freedoms for an Uplifting Drive

We now live in a different time from our parents. We have different priorities in our personal lives, our families and even how we work. While money is a necessity and a driving factor, our desires have also shifted to having better work-life balance, freedom to work from home, flexible work hours, and time for family and for ourselves.

This shift has also given rise to some liberties we have never considered before.

Freedom of Expression

Each of us has a unique way of expressing style. So, own up to it and flaunt it! Don’t be tied down to how people think you should look. Just like The New CS35 Plus. It breaks free from conventional styling with its fab yet athletic styling, where the fashionable and the commanding beautifully intersect.

Split LED Headlamp layout with LED DRL and Front Position Lamps

Catching the eye is its strong face with a powerful grille design inspired by obsidian rock formation pattern and a split headlamp layout of its front positioned LED DRL and low positioned LED Automatic Headlamps. Its red racing line is also impossible to ignore as it wraps around the front headlamps, running along the muscular side body and seamlessly connecting to the new LED Tail Lamps on whale-tail rear design, enhancing its athletic appeal. At night, the vehicle is a stunner with its aircraft-inspired light design that’s especially noticeable at the rear.

LED High Mount Stop Lamp / Shark Fin Antenna / Dual Stainless Exhaust Pipes

Further flexing this subcompact crossover’s thoughtful features are the LED High Mount Stop Lamp that increases your visibility on the road, a Shark Fin Antenna that adds as an edgy accessory while contributing to its aerodynamic design, functioning Dual Stainless Exhaust Pipes for a sportier allure, and 18-inch 2-Toned Alloy Wheels* with a square-wheel arch design that amps up its side profile.

Freedom to Have More

Sometimes, enough is really not enough, especially when you know you deserve more. You’ve worked for it, so enjoy the all the thoughtful conveniences that come with The New CS35 Plus.

Built with an Engine Remote Start, you can start the engine and the air-conditioning even before entering the cabin. However, if you don’t get in and drive within 10 minutes, the engine will automatically shut off as extra protection.

Ergonomically Refined Cabin Interior

Step inside The New CS35 Plus premier cabin interior that is ergonomically refined with you in mind with features within arm’s reach, and comfortable head and legroom for driver and passenger. The Multi-Functional D-Type steering wheel is one amazing example which has essential car functions via its integrated vehicle control layout for cruise control and digital instrument display. Cooling the cabin with clean air is an Auto Climate Control system and a PM 0.1 Filter. There is also a Rear AC vent in the Hype and Luxe variants to extend cooling comfort for passengers at the back.

10” Touch Display

At the center of its sleek dashboard is a 10” Touch Display with Bluetooth connectivity for personal music, smartphone mirroring for calls, navigation, video playback and more. There is also a built-in Wireless Charging pad for cordless compatible smartphone charging and additional 2 USB Ports.

Dual Tone Leather Seats

The cabin is best felt with its Dual Tone Leather Seats, crafted with firm, body-supporting foam and draped with vibrant red and black racing combination leather. The New CS35 Plus also boasts a soothing Deep Sea Silence Technology that effectively isolates and absorbs exterior noise, thanks to Changan’s application of 50 noise dampeners in 20 strategic cabin areas alongside the thickened glass on the front windshield and side windows.

Panoramic Sunroof

You also get a Panoramic Sunroof* that opens up the vehicle for a more spacious feel, instantly enhancing your visual experience, refreshes the cabin with cool air on relaxing days, and illuminates your ride on cloudless days.

What about space for your personal belongings? Again, The New CS35 Plus gives you more with its 403-liter cargo space that can be increased to 950 liters with the second-row seats’ 4:6 configurations. Plus, accessing the trunk is another luxury for the top-of-the-line option with the new Power Tailgate** using the key device the cargo door will automatically open.

Freedom to Do Better

If you are able to do things better, then do so. Bring out your best with The New CS35 Plus.

1.4L Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

Its 1.4 Liter Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection unleashes a maximum output of 160 horsepower and 260Nm of torque that is surprisingly energetic for your daily drive. It is also paired with a 7-Speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission System that ensures effortless gear changes with quicker reaction and delivers ample acceleration on demand.

You can also expect a smooth and stable ride with its newly tuned suspension system using the MacPherson suspension at the front and a torsion beam suspension at the back to balance driving comfort with durability for your journeys ahead.

The New CS35 Plus offers more steering control options with its Electronic Power Steering. Choose from three adjustable settings: “Sport” for more stable control during high speed, “Comfortable” for lighter control while parking or navigating through traffic, and “Standard” for everyday city driving on normal road conditions.

Freedom to Be Confident

Nothing brings more confidence than the assurance of protection.

The New CS35 Plus comes with Safe-tech System, a comprehensive safety and protection system consisting of thoughtful active safety features for peace of mind on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Among these features is the Adaptive Cruise Control* (ACC), which uses a built-in radar to detect the motion of the vehicle in front and provide information to actively adjust and decrease your vehicle’s speed accordingly. Other safety features include the Autonomous Emergency Braking* (AEB), which supplements the driver’s braking application during emergency situations, and the Front Collision Warning * (FCW), which gives the driver visual alerts on the digital instrument display, and sets off an alarm to brake when the system detects risk of collision with the vehicle in front. Of course, these features do not substitute the driver’s defensive and responsible driving, so following traffic rules at all times is a must.

The New CS35 Plus is also fitted with additional safety features such as a Panoramic Camera System* that gives you both 2D or 3D visibility with a 360⁰ view of your surroundings to help you avoid obstructions when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces. You also get HD quality video recording in all directions when the camera detects possible danger, like accidental collision.

In the event of a collision, the new CS35 Plus has an advanced 6-Airbag System* comprised of front and side driver and passenger seat airbags, and front to rear side air curtains to help reduce injury to occupants. In addition, the cabin is engineered with Changan’s Ultra-High Strength Body frame that maintains rigidity while mitigating the impact force to its crumple zone areas to create a safe cabin for occupants.

Other safety amenities are the Smart Window System with anti-pinch function on all four windows, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, ISOFIX for child safety seats, and an Auto Close feature that closes all open windows and sunroof if left open upon locking the vehicle.

Peace of mind is not only exclusive to the safety features but also to its maintenance, neatly bundled as Changan’s Vital 5 program designed to keep your vehicle in top shape: the 5-year/150,000KM mileage warranty; Changan Pacesetter roadside assistance and towing service; Changan Fastlane’s 60-minute service guarantee with free PMS Labor for the 1st year or first 20,000KM (whichever comes first); Changan Veloservice where you can conveniently book your service appointment online; and quick and efficient assistance from CAIA, Changan’s AI Chatbot.

Freedom of Flexibility

You also have the freedom to choose. Choose from three exciting variants to fit your driving lifestyle and budget. The New CS35 Plus comes in the following introductory price: Lite (P 898,000), Hype (P 969,000), and Luxe (P 999,000), available in three exciting hues: Wunderlust White, Timber Wolf Gray, and Draco Red.

Buying a new CS35 Plus is made more convenient with 35 Changan dealers and outlets nationwide, ready to serve you.

Open up to a spirited mobility lifestyle, where you can lead the life you want and be the best version of you. It’s time to Lead Freely, Live Freely. Drive it with the new CS35 Plus.

Get in touch with the Changan dealer nearest you. Chat with CAIA thru ChanganPhil on Facebook for more information.


*Available in the Hype and Luxe variants

**Available in the Luxe variant

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