November 11, 2022

Wired for the Wild and Mannered, Changan CS55 Plus lets you drive both sides of your story.

Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. There’s more to your life than just a series of predictable activities. You need a ride that’s just as dynamic as you are to keep up with your lifestyle. One that meets your expectations in affording you a mannered, stable ride, yet game enough to move with you in braving your wild side. Wait no more. The all-new Changan CS55 Plus is finally here.

Changan’s put a ring on it

The name surely rings a bell. The Changan CS55 Plus is known in the motoring world for its cutting-edge design but, more than that, it flaunts the design inspiration for this next generation crossover--Changan’s signature ring shape. 

Right off the bat, the CS55 Plus’ ring-shaped daytime running lights (DRL) already catch the eye with their slender elegance that complements the crossover’s overall look. The integrated full LED headlamps complete the look, providing better visibility with nine light sources that cover a longer distance and allows you to see better at night and during inclement weather. They’re also equipped with Intelligent High Beam Assist** that automatically switches from high to low beam to prevent oncoming vehicles from risky, off-putting glare. While the Follow-Me-Home Delay feature keeps the headlights on for a few seconds while the vehicle is parked to help you see your way to your front door. 

The stylish tail lights also have Changan’s signature ring treatment that gives the CS55 Plus a striking presence at the rear. A sporty rear spoiler housing a ring-shaped LED High Mount Stop Lamp (HMSL), or a third brake lamp, enhances the CS55 Plus’ look and safety profile, making it more visible, especially at night.

The 19-inch alloy wheels sport the ring design as well. Their lightweight structure ensures better ride comfort. While the chrome tip twin exhaust design adds a sporty touch to this stunning crossover.  

Bolder looks and the tech to match

Just when you thought Changan stopped at just rings to mesmerize you, think again. Or look again: up front, the CS55 Plus stops you in your tracks with its take on light and shadow on the front grille. The parametric-inspired latticework on the grille showcases an interplay of light and shadow for a dynamic 3D effect. 

As you make your way inside, be amazed by the futuristic design of the driver cockpit. Never miss a beat with a huge dual screen layout featuring a 10.25-inch LCD digital instrument cluster showing essential driving information and a 12.3-inch touch display infotainment system with smartphone Mirror Link function and Apple Carplay. *

Relaxing you in every drive is the automatic air conditioning with PM0.1 air filter and ion generator to maintain a cool, comfy temperature inside the cabin, and keep harmful air pollutants like dust, allergens, and bacteria at bay.

What’s driving without music? With the CS55 Plus, you’ll enjoy it even more, thanks to its Pioneer premium sound system with 6-speaker clarity, * playlist after playlist.  

Need a view of the outside right on your monitor? Not a problem with the 360-degree panoramic camera with HD Driving Recorder System* that gives a 540-degree virtual view of your immediate road environment and perfectly does away with the regular dash cam. It automatically saves 30 seconds of video to a secure folder when the vehicle brakes suddenly or forcefully. That’s 15 seconds prior to braking and 15 seconds after. Think of it like an extra pair of eyes that lets you see under the vehicle as well.

The hi-tech treatment extends to the floating console, where the gearshift and wing-type control button* for driving modes and other vehicle controls are neatly placed. And if you need to juice up your smartphone, just put your compatible device on the 15-watt wireless mobile charging console** and you’re good to go. For passengers, two USB charging ports at the rear can keep their devices powered. 

Then… surprise! The voice control feature can have you telling your vehicle to open and close the windows and sunroof, switch on the A/C, and even pick up calls, hands-free!

Steering is a breeze with the D-type sporty steering wheel that houses easy-touch buttons for cruise control, audio, and other key functions. 

Stretch out or snuggle up in the CS55 Plus’ generous interior space fitted with ergonomic bi-color seats** that keep you relaxed even during long trips. Rear seats can be fully folded or in 60/40 configuration, allowing for more flexibility in stowing travel gear. 

Cargo space is more than sufficient with 29 storage places, from cup holders to console, from rear space to everything in between. Luggage space is at a plentiful 475 liters, which you can extend up to 1,415 liters when the rear seats are folded.  

Loading up is convenient and safe with the CS55 Plus’ remote power tailgate with electric control that has anti-pinch feature and memory height setting.**

Open up to a rich view of the sky with its superior panoramic sunroof space with anti-pinch feature and rain-sensing close function that automatically closes the sunroof if it’s left open while the car is parked outside and senses a downpour.

More SafeTech for Lasting Safety

The Changan brand itself is literally a portmanteau of two Chinese words that in English, translate to “lasting safety.” The CS55 Plus is loaded with built-in features that put your safety above all else.

It all starts with the robust body structure, built with Changan’s high-strength steel. Changan made sure to keep the body durable with a steel shell that’s tough and rigid in protecting occupants, yet lightweight to contribute to better fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. The CS55 Plus has about 193 body components made of high-strength steel, which accounts for 60% of the frame. 

A 6-airbag system* is fitted in the CS55 Plus to help cushion the impact of a collision to occupants in the unlikely event of an accident.

That’s just for starters.

The Changan Safe-tech System in the CS55 Plus has a host of Smart Active Safety Assistance features, demonstrating Changan’s promise of lasting safety in a thoughtful and proactive way.

First off, the Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB) System* is equipped with city/inter-urban and pedestrian detection** for you to effectively assess the likely possibility of hitting a car or a 

pedestrian in front of you. The AEB assists the driver to brake and actively applies stronger brake force if it senses insufficient brake force application. 

Complementing the AEB is the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) System* that warns the driver of an impending collision by detecting slowly moving cars or large barriers in front. Once it detects this danger, the FCW displays a warning on the instrument panel and sets off an alarm to alert the driver in time to apply stronger braking force.  

Next, the Lane Departure Warning (LDW)** and Lane Keep Assist (LKA)** work hand-in-hand to prevent you from aggressively switching lanes. They are especially helpful in keeping you focused on the road, especially when you’re tired or sleepy. The LDW activates a warning light and audible alert, as well as vibrates the steering wheel when the system detects that you’re changing lanes without using the turning signal. 

The LKA serves as the vehicle’s eyes in order to activate the LDW, as it uses a camera located near the rearview mirror to recognize lane markers. When it senses that you’re falling below minimum distance from the left or right side markings and you’re not using the turn signal, the system gently but noticeably counter-steers to keep the vehicle in lane. It also sets off an audible alarm if your hand leaves the steering wheel for over 30 seconds and the vehicle suddenly moves to another lane. However, note that the LKA can only detect lane markings with visible paint stripes on either side of the road where the vehicle is running; it cannot detect curb markings. 

When cruising through open roads or caught in a traffic jam, count on the CS55 Plus’ Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC) with Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)** for help. The IACC is equipped with Stop and Go function that lets your vehicle run safely based on the speed you set, and automatically slows down to a halt if the vehicle in front stops. It moves again if the vehicle in front moves or changes lane. The TJA complements the IACC by helping you follow the vehicle in front and stay in your lane during heavy traffic.

Changan takes the standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to the next level with the Roll-Over Mitigation (ROM) system. In the event of extraordinary driving circumstances, such as avoiding an obstacle on the road, or suddenly turning a corner at high speed, the ESP works in tandem with ROM to effectively sense potential roll-over incidents and applies the appropriate action by adjusting steering and suspension to generate the required brake force on individual wheels and so maintain vehicle stability on the road.

Speaking of brake force, the CS55 Plus also has the Dynamic Brake Function (DBF), which ensures that braking distance will be as short as possible in emergency situations by instantly building up maximum brake pressure that will bring the vehicle to a complete stop faster. 

In fact, the CS55 Plus’ braking capacity is so reliable that it can swiftly close braking distance from a speed of 100 km/hr down to zero by just 37.9 meters.    

The list of features doesn’t stop here. Apart from key Safe-tech active safety features, the CS55 Plus has the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) to help you maintain directional stability and apply the appropriate brake force to individual wheels, especially when navigating slippery roads. 

The Traction Control System (TCS) makes sure to keep the vehicle’s road grip firm and to adjust it when necessary, depending on road and driving conditions. 

The Brake Assist (BA) that adds an extra layer of decisiveness and firmness when you hit the brakes. 

Hill Hold Control (HHC) and Hill Descent Control (HDC) help you maintain control of the vehicle when driving uphill or downhill, respectively.   


  A rear parking sensor, capable of visual and audible warning, also helps alert you of obstacles when backing up, or parking in tight spaces.

The CS55 Plus’ car key is smart too, with Auto Theft Lock, keyless start and entry, immobilizer, find car feature, and key monitoring function.

Other thoughtful safety inclusions are the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to give you a heads up if your wheels are below the prescribed air pressure; and ISOFIX where you can latch on your child’s safety seat securely onto the rear passenger seat to keep your little ones safely in place during each trip.

The power and the poise 

When it comes to performance, the CS55 Plus balances the smoothness of everyday driving and the toughness expected when negotiating demanding road conditions.

The new generation of Changan’s Blue Core NE Turbo engine is here. The 1.5-liter Blue Core Turbocharged Gasoline Direct injection (TGDi) engine provides strong, dependable power at low fuel consumption and stays durable but quiet, thanks to its lightweight alloy design that delivers better heat dissipation. Its maximum power is breathtaking at 188ps, and can reach 300Nm of maximum torque at 1,500~4000rpm. 

In terms of fuel consumption, the new Blue Core engine offers three key fuel efficiency technologies: 350 bar high-pressure direct injection, industry-leading low friction technology, and advanced thermal management system, all to ensure optimal use of fuel down to the last drop.

The CS55 Plus’ TGDi engine is made even more efficient by pairing it with Changan’s Blue Core 7-speed wet-type shift-by-wire Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system that’s made more stable with better heat dissipation to deliver comprehensive transmission of up to 94.3%, delivering effortless shifting for a smooth acceleration experience. You can also choose from Normal, Eco, or Sport modes to suit your driving style. 

Just how strong is the Blue Core transmission system? Jointly developed by Changan headquarters and Changan UK R&D, it underwent eight years of development and verification with an accumulated test range of over 10 million kilometers. Further, it has been tested over a hundred times through extreme temperatures, high humidity, and high altitude conditions to ensure its durability. 

During the drive, what keeps the CS55 Plus poised and steady is its 4-wheel independent suspension comprised of MacPherson in front, and Multi-link at the rear. The entire system has particular calibration of city, highway, bumpy, or challenging roads to afford you stable and accurate driving maneuvers for a ride that’s as smooth and comfortable as possible.

So, are you thinking of driving something new, and one that fits both your mannered and wild sides? Here’s one that can let you be all that and more—the all-new Changan CS55 Plus! 

The CS55 Plus is covered by the Changan 5-Year or 150,000km warranty, and is available in Lite, Hype, and Luxe variants. Choose from any of its exciting colors: Black Pearl, Fantasy Gray, White Knight, and SuperNova Red. 

Note that some features may not be available in certain variants. Consult your dealer on the features available in your preferred variant.

** For Luxe variant only

* For Luxe and Hype variants only

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