December 1, 2022

Visiting Changan International Executives Laud Changan PH Gains

A symbolic gesture of friendship in business with a view to prosperity. At the meet-and-greet luncheon with the Changan dealership network, CMPI President and CEO Maria Fe Perez-Agudo presented CIC Senior Director for Asia Pacific Yuanxing Li (top photo) with “Bayanihan,” an intricate wood carving from Paete while Mr. Li (bottom photo) presented CMPI with a traditional Chinese ink painting of the bamboo, symbolic of the Chinese people’s fortitude of spirit. 

Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI), the official distributor of Changan cars in the Philippines, welcomed visiting executives from Changan International Corporation (CIC). Senior Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Yuanxing Li, and Sales Director, Mr. Arieson Zhang, first-time visitors to the Philippines, flew in to grace CMPI’s major events, headlined by the recently-concluded media test drive of the New CS55 Plus, and to familiarize themselves with Changan operations in the country.

In a fiesta-themed “Mabuhay” lunch with Changan dealer principals, Mr. Li congratulated the group for the gains achieved in CMPI’s second year of operations. “In your two years of building Changan, your achievements are impressive and we thank you for the hard work and support in building the Changan brand in this country,” said Mr. Li.

For her part, Ms. Agudo noted a number of key reasons to greet the Changan brand and its dealership network with the traditional “Mabuhay.” 

“We started 2022 on the right foot with the grand launch of the New CS35 Plus, impressing the motoring media with its power and advanced safety features. We have a thriving online community of happy Changan owners. Our sales numbers are growing, thanks to the collective efforts of our dealership fortress that we project to expand to 45-strong by 2025. And with the expected entry of newer, fiercer models, led by the New CS55 Plus, we look forward to greater things for Changan in this country,” said Ms. Agudo. 

Highlighting the “Mabuhay” meet-and-greet was an exchange of gifts to symbolize the strengthening of ties of CMPI and CIC.

CMPI, led by Ms. Agudo, presented Mr. Li with “Bayanihan,” a wood carving crafted by the skilled artisans of Paete, Laguna. “Bayanihan is an important Filipino value because it sums up everything that is good about being Filipino…. Through good times and bad, we share each other’s burdens with a positive attitude, and so make the entire load feel lighter,” explained Ms. Agudo.

In turn, Mr. Li, on behalf of CIC, presented CMPI with a traditional Chinese ink scroll painting of the bamboo. “The bamboo represents the Chinese fortitude of spirit – resilience, a trait that we share with Filipinos. With the resilience of the bamboo… we shall steadily grow together and prosper together as a business,” said Mr. Li.

The CIC team likewise met with other key stakeholders of Changan in the Philippines to explore brand-building efforts that would address the specific needs of the local market.

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