Kailangan Changan Sales Promo

Heavy on Features, Light on the Pocket!

Drive home one of Changan's latest models with easy-to-own deals.

Because safe, practical, and wise mobility is essential, Kailangan Changan.

  • Changan Motor Philippines, Inc.'s (CMPI) "Kailangan Changan" Sales Promo is open to all customers who will avail of a Changan passenger vehicle (i.e., Alsvin, CS35 Plus, or CS75 Plus) under BPI Family Savings Bank, Inc. (BFSB) from August 15 to September 30, 2021.
  • Each purchase of a Changan passenger vehicle from any authorized Changan dealership nationwide covered in this promo entitles the customer to the following payment terms, as follows:
  • All financing options come with an All-in Package, inclusive of the following:
    • One (1) year comprehensive motorcar insurance
    • Three (3) years LTO registration
    • Free Chattel Mortgage
    • Standard freebies: Tint, floor Mats, Seat Covers.
  • Loan approval is not guaranteed by CMPI and is subject to participating bank's sole discretion. All financing offered in this promo is subject to compliance with the participating bank's requirements to merit loan approval.
  • Freight and handling charges will be added to vehicle purchases, if applicable.
  • CMPI reserves the right to cancel the application of this Promo in case of any fraud or misrepresentation committed by the customer in addition to all other rights and remedies provided by law.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-125294, Series of 2021.